Outside the Dial


Wolfarelli started rocking with Pitchshifter at a young age.  They discovered a tape of an unknown man singing Rocket Man by Elton John.  This took Wolfarelli by surprise as he was used to the vocals of Elton John due to the constant play on the radio.  Wolfarelli was taken back at the fact that someone else sang that song.  It was a culture shock as the normal music rotation was lifted from the mind of a child realizing that the music polluting the airwaves was the filth that corporations use to control your soul.

The radio was then replaced by vinyl, then tape, then MTV, then cd’s, then back to vinyl, then dare to say digital music.   The radio in the fangs of Wolfarelli became a word that was never spoken.  It didn’t need to be anymore.  The radio was a place where you spilled your beer while driving home.   The days of listening to the sound fabrication on the airwaves have ceased.  That shining light in the basement was replaced by the imagination of adolescence.  It was replaced by the hard sound of joy in just listening to an album that was not embedded every time you hopped in the family cruiser to get a milkshake.  Certain bands and certain songs have shaped the dial, but the heroics of Wolfarelli, Pitchshifter, Bo, Hirsch, and even that crazy SOB Mac will navigate and hold you precious hand along your long road to the middle and replace it, just like the radio, with a ferocious journey Outside the Dial. Turn the “V” up and quit crying about your life.

Wolfarelli can be heard on Outside the Dial with all the other heroes.  Wolfarelli later discovered that unknown man was his father.