Outside the Dial

Pitch Shifter

Back in the early years of the decadent decade that was the 80’s, a young Pitch Shifter witnessed, on television via a homemade ON TV converter box, the concert film “Let’s Spend the Night Together” from the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” Young Pitch was fascinated by the rock spectacle happening before his eyes and it was that day, Pitch decided to set out to explore this new world of rock and roll.

Like a sonic Marco Polo, over the years Pitch explored the sounds of the punk scene to the era of disco over to the 60’s garage noise to the indie sounds of today. In his travels, he became painfully aware of the corporate radio machine that force fed the masses of music they decided people should hear.

After enough abuse from the machine, Pitch went on a new hunt to find rock and roll outlaws just as abused and disgusted as he.  Pitch assembled his droogs and created the underground rock show that is…