Outside the Dial


Hola OTD fans and ZVN Nation; I am JoNo, writer, producer, and on-air talent of ZVN Nation… Truly, a jack of all trades. This show is a labor of love, growing up in the suburbs of Chicago during the mid-to-late nineties, I like every teenager with a boom box found great joy in creating mix tapes of recorded songs off the radio and thus the love affair was born. Self-taught, I grew up on the classics of the likes of Nirvana, MXPX, Sublime, and developed into the well rounded music aficionado you have come to know and love. Flash forward a decade (give or take) and under the great strain of mounting student loans and the tragedies and triumphs that come with life Zombies Vs. Ninja Radio was born. I take great joy in finding new music and providing that and music I’ve already discovered along the way to you the fans. Should you have any song requests, comments or otherwise feel free do direct them to

zvnradio@outsidethedial.com and like us on Facebook .

That being said, ENJOI the show.

Zombies Vs. Ninja Radio 7-8P(CST) Fridays!