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Obits – “Moody, Standard, and Poor”

Combine the lineage of Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Edsel and Pitchfork with the chromosomes of Sub Pop Records, add a fierce swab of garage, a respectful rhythm section and the DNA of a Plastic Fantastic surfboard and you get Obits, a quartet out of Brooklyn, NY and their sophomore release Moody, Standard, and Poor.

This foursome is not interested in innovation and does not want their fan base to over analyze their songs, but their latest release Vocalist/Guitarist, Rick Froberg had to reinvent his vocals by taking a more laid back approach rather than the yelling and howling screams from his heritage. Blending the elements of surf riffs and the new found lo-fi vocals could make the average listener put the iPod down and ask his mom for a Long Player. Throughout this album, I felt like I should be flipping through an album insert about a free t-shirt instead of watching a download progress bar. With the throwback sound of the sixties, Obits enables the new age punk to appreciate the origin of rock and roll. Thinks Sonics hanging out with MC5!

Turn up the V in the VW Bus while rocking to this 12-track release and forget about dissecting each track. Forget about telling the bar flies about the next big thing. If the band wields the care free spirit about their music you should too….man!

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  1. Hirsch Cutlass March 30, 2011 at 2:02 am

    Holy crap! The Wolfman strikes yet AGAIN. This is awesome.

    This sounds familiar yet new… if that makes any sense. I totally get these guys. Acquired both their albums… sweet new music

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