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RIP The White Stripes: 1997-2011

Wolfarelli February 5, 2011 1 Comment on RIP The White Stripes: 1997-2011

Stating for “a myriad of reasons”,  The White Stripes announced via their website on Wednesday that the band will no longer record any new albums or perform live.

Can we take this press release seriously?  With the modern age of music and farewell tours that seemed to last a decade, are The White Stripes done?   With the summer festivals on the horizon for 2011, can we contemplate the realization that one of the greatest bands musically for the past 10 years have plateaued.

The press release stated that they “will make no further new recordings.”  An artist with such staying power as the White Stripes, most likely has a triage of material waiting to be released at the right time.  The duo was a rebirth of bare bone rock and roll.  Simple beats along with bluesy riffs gave the White Stripes the fuel they needed to succeed.  I can’t help but wonder has their success brought too much attention to the duo’s personal life or is it because the artistic gas tank has been riding on “E” for the past 2 albums?

I dig the White Stripes, always have and always will.  One of the bands that I have seen mature from small club venue to headliners at big time music festivals that we have learned to love.  If you get a chance go back to 1999 and listen to their self titled album.  Then fast forward to their sophomore LP “De Stijl” (their best album) and remember the true essence of who The White Stripes were. ….that’s right past tense.

Although it should, the opinion of this article in no way shape or form, represents the collective position of Outside the Dial.


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  1. Hirsch Cutlass February 5, 2011 at 1:55 am

    I really think they tried to rekindle the magic but couldn’t. How can Meg compare to the talent that the Raconteurs and The Dead Weather have? I’ve said it before and will say it again, you put Jack White with a bunch of good musicians at any time and it will be better than the White Stripes.

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