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pitchshifter January 31, 2014 No Comments on GRENOUER
I come from both sides of the music world, I’m a musician and I’m a fan of music. But one of the things I look for in a song, is how well it was written and how much feeling does it seem like the artist put into the song. Grenouer, who hails from Saint Petersburg in Russia, is a band who clearly puts effort into their music and gives it their all. It only took 1 song for me to know that about them. It doesn’t matter what song you listen to or how many, you feel Grenouer’s music in a way that can’t be explained. I truly hope that they get as much success as they possibly can get, because they are truly a rare breed in the music world.
As for Grenouer’s latest album entitled “Blood On Your Face”, I rate it 8 skulls (out of 10). It was released in Europe on May 3rd and released in North America on July 9th on the Mausoleum Records label. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you definitely should. Grenouer’s music is the only cure for brain fever!
-Dirty Ryan
Dirty Ryan is creator and host of Dirty Ryan’s Anarchy Hour heard every Friday Night at 8 PM (Central time)on Outside the Dial’s Live 365 feed. Contact Dirty Ryan: dirtyryan@outsidethedial.com

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