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The Hounds Below @ Double Door – Chicago

The Hounds Below @ Double Door – Chicago

Outside the Dial’s own Mr. Awesome caught up with The Hounds Below and was able to jaw with them before their gig at the Double Door.

The show at the Double Door exceeded my expectations. The performance which The Hounds Below gave was amazing and they had set the stage for the other bands playing that night.

The Hounds Below formed in January of 2012 and hail from the Detroit Rock City area include members Jason Stollsteimer (Vocals/Guitar), Skye Thrasher (Guitar), Mathew Hofman (Bass) and Griffin Bastian (drums). Jason and Mathew actually only live about fifteen minutes away from each other, while Skye and Griffin live over an hour away, and for a band to work that hard, and get so much done with half of the members around, that is dedication.

Meeting with The Hounds Below for the first time ever was kind of scary with them being my very first interview ever, but the moment we got there it was totally laid back. I first met with Mathew who is the newest member of the band. While sitting in the green room talking with Mathew, one by one each member of the band started to come back from shopping for Levi jeans, and apparently Levi’s are the only jeans Skye will wear. LOL. Anyway, before recording our interview, I just got to sit and get to know the band a little better before I asked the awkward questions that I came up with.

Interviewing the band was pretty easy, I of course started out with the question you always should ask ..“how the band got started or the history of the band”. Everyone had something to pitch into the answer. Interesting, everyone in the band started out as basically strangers. They only knew of each other through mutual friends, which is pretty cool, to go from strangers to band mates in such a short time.  Throughout all the questions that I did ask, Jason, the lead singer, had more answers and had more thought to give, since he  has been in the group since before it became a band, so he had more to add to the questions. The one question I did love was asking the band about how they go into play music. Most of the answers were because someone in the family already played and a friend told them to do it, but while learning why, everyone in the group also revealed that they also play a variety of instruments.

The entire interview was flawless, the band was very comfortable and so was I, and most of the interview was just regular talking to each other, rather then question after question.

The show at The Double Door was amazing; the band opened up with a new song that won’t be featured on this album coming out, but will be on their next album.  The band did however play music from the new album including “Chelsea’s Calling”. I did enjoy watching the band preform, they moved around the stage, even talked to the audience and got the energy up in the room, it was a terrific show, and I can’t wait to see them again.

-Mr. Awesome


Many thanks to The Hounds Below and to Zach Shaw at The Syndicate.

Pre-Order the album(out Oct 9) at: www.slimstylerecords.com


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