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Press Release Solid Gold

Light Organ are excited to announce the signing of Vancouver, BC-based We Need Surgery who will release their self-titled debut album on September 25.  The quintet initially formed in Seoul, South Korea in 2007 quickly garnering attention with a handful of singles from the local media, appearing on magazine covers, radio, TV shows and performing at all the major festivals before visa issues and a change of scene was needed.  The band, made up of two Canadians, two American and one Korean headed to Vancouver, revived their excitement and energy and headed into the studio to record with Dave Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy) and Kevvy Maher (Fake Shark! Real Zombie!). The result is a scorching 12-song debut album that draws from the likes of Television, Gang of Four, Joy Division, The Killers and The Rapture.

It took five guys from five corners of the earth to collide in Korea to make it happen, and then you have to factor in nine brutal but ultimately triumphant months in Vancouver before you get to the band’s new home in Tokyo and the explosive debut album you’re holding.

After We Need Surgery to signed on the dotted line, Light Organ Records went and stuffed the five-piece in Vancouver’s fabled Armory Studios with legend Dave “Rave” Ogilvie and Fake Shark! Real Zombie! main man Kevvy Maher for another seven tracks-including the retro-future death disco of “Just like a Lion” and “Sisters and Brothers”, and the animal nitrate-juiced first single “Go! Go! Go!”. A wildly impressed Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) elected himself to mix the entire album.


On “She Told Me”, meanwhile, We Need Surgery come up with something that sounds like NY legends Television attempting to play country music, while another three self-produced tracks recorded in Korea- “Cocoon”, “Stranger”, and “Gotta Be This Way”all fit seamlessly into the mix. With its slightly rough edges, angles and indefatigable grooves, We Need Surgery conjured an album that nicely bridges the gap between angular pioneers Gang of Four and modern practitioners like Bloc Party.


Track Listing:

01.  Simon Says

02.  Stranger

03.  Cocoon

04.  Why’s It Always Gotta Be This Way?

05.  Time To Unwind

06.  Wait Forever

07.  Go! Go! Go!

08.  Fall

09.  Dance

10.  Sisters And Brothers

11.  Lion

12.  She Told Me…


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