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The Electric Boa

pitchshifter December 8, 2011 No Comments on The Electric Boa

As we navigate though the sonic world, the area that housed the world of rock is becoming painfully smaller. The place where rock has once thrived and flourished is being replaced with television manufactured pop “idols” or premade bands created solely generate revenue for corporate labels.

However, some have refused to be pushed out and have the house that rock built fall into foreclosure. The Electric Boa, a rock outfit from Philadelphia, fights for their slice of real estate.
Driven by power chords, pulsing drums, dangerous riffs and searing vocals, The Electric Boa reminds us why rock is worth the fight.

Rock in the New Year with them at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE on New Year’s Eve, see them in Philadelphia on Saturday January 7th at Redz (all ages show) and at J.B. McGinnes in New Castle DE on Friday January 20th.



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