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Winter Severity Index

pitchshifter December 7, 2011 No Comments on Winter Severity Index

“Winter Severity Index is an all-woman band from Italy, which their musical talents & interests show in their music. Each member of this band was in the music business before the band formed in 2008, their friendship & common interests in music luckily brought them together. They play music that sounds like it’s from the 1980’s with a modern tone, which is the result of their common interest of “Eighties New Wave” and “Post – Punk” music. I’ve always been a fan of music from the 1980’s, and I have no doubt that Winter Severity Index will achieve success.”


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While we're livin Winter Severity Index live Giulianello 8-10-10

Winter Severity Index | Myspace Video

Winter Severity Index comes from our friends at afMusic

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