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The Jezabels and Hey Rosetta at Lincoln Hall with Ivan & Alyosha

The Jezabels and Hey Rosetta at Lincoln Hall with Ivan & Alyosha
By: Dominion

Nestled amongst a veritable cornucopia of college town bars and restaurants, Lincoln Hall held a three-act combo-platter of musical greatness on Saturday, November 19th. The crowd of this smoky and literal standing-room only show had amazing energy for such a late-night show. Lots of cheering and clapping and long-range appraisals of how good certain people look in leather pants. I suspect at least a little alcohol may have been involved.

Best Storytellers: Ivan & Alyosha.

Fathers Be Kind EP cover

Very few bands are as wise to the world as Seattle indies Ivan & Alyosha – for those not familiar with classic Russian literature, find yourself a copy of The Brothers Karamazov to get the reference. These guys opened the night with a light, percussion-less set, despite their assurances that they do play music with a drummer on occasion, and brought CDs to prove it. Theirs is nicely groovy indie folk rock, with smooth vocals, backup whistling, and spiritually optimistic messages to their lyrics. Plus, one of their guitarists is from the Chicagoland area, so home-town heroes are always welcome.

They also apparently have had run-ins with furries – a tale they told between songs that earned them much raucous laughter – and came out unscathed. These guys are clearly made of sterner stuff.

Best Tight Leather Pants: The Jezabels.

In all seriousness, there is far more to these Australian indie rockers than lead singer Hayley Mary’s fashion sense, despite what the shouts from certain desperate fanboys in the audience. Her vocal range is far more impressive and her fellow band mates are no slouches either. There’s a little bit of a house music texture to their indie pop-rock, though that may just have been the killer light show that accompanied their set. They may make a big deal of their indefinable signature sound, but they’re not so esoteric that you can’t get into it easily.

Best Adaptability On Stage – Hey Rosetta!

First, let me say these guys are immensely talented. They led the audience in toe-tapping, head-bobbing, musical reverie. They rocked the house down and kept the energy going through the whole third set. I absolutely loved using violin and cello with bass-heavy, pulse-pounding garage rock. Nothing but respect, and I highly recommend their music.

But they really could have toned down the eye-level flashing floodlights. I was really attached to the idea of not getting blinded regularly.

That small complaint about my eyes aside, track these Canadians down if you’re looking for some heavier rock with more interesting musical texture.


-Lincoln Hall: http://lincolnhallchicago.com/
-Ivan & Alyosha: http://share.ivanandalyosha.com/
-The Jezabels: http://www.thejezabels.com
-Hey Rosetta: http://www.heyrosetta.com

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