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pitchshifter November 21, 2011 No Comments on BIPOLAR ECHO

“This hard rocking quintet from Oklahoma turns heads from the beginning. With the stunning combination of catchy riffs and face melting solos and add a dash of an amazing vocalist, Bipolar Echo reminds me that female fronted bands can rock just as hard if not harder than the all male counterparts.

Lead singer Amber Hollis-Fesmire’s sultry and charismatic voice adds the perfect element to the band. Bipolar Echo makes me realize that you do not need a large label to produce solid kick ass rock! These guys and gal have made my top 5 list for soon to take over the scene in 2012. Upcoming artists need to take a few minutes and listen to Bipolar Echo and keep your ears open for their upcoming radio invasion. I love this band!”


Out of the plains of the Oklahoma panhandle comes a band with a name and a sound that audiences will never forget….

Bipolar Echo is a band that stands apart from the rest, fusing anthemic melodic hard rock, metal, and an occasional touch of prog, and they have earned a reputation as a band that will satisfy even the pickiest of audiences. Amber’s soaring vocals anchor the band’s harmonies in “Sorry For You” as she proclaims “I don’t feel sorry for you, you’ve made your own decisions,” reflecting the band’s hard working attitude, and disdain for whiney entitlement. The band gets funky with “Barbie Doll,” and reveals a slightly heavier side with a touch of prog with the driving “What I Thought.” Other original cuts like “Weird Days” and “What I Thought” rock with reckless abandon, and the band is well known for its amazing cover versions of a wide array of bands like Journey, Styx, Creed, Whitesnake, Heart, and Shinedown. Always present is Amber’s sassy vocal delivery and Kevin’s guitar gymnastics dancing around the infectious groove and heavy crunch laid down by Brad, Tiny, and Jacob. More than just another club band, Bipolar Echo puts on a professional rock show that delivers the goods!

Bipolar Echo is: Brad Duren – Drums, Vocals Amber Hollis-Fesmire – Vocals, Keyboards Ramiro “Tiny” Rosalez – Bass Guitar, Vocals Kevin Wale – Lead Guitar, Vocals Jacob Whiteley – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

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