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JK Webb & The Pleasers / Behind The Screen Door

Press Release – Entertaining front man, JK Webb, known mostly for his live presence with indie-rock outfit We Were The States, has set out with his newest project with a flash-bang solo debut
of genuine rock stomping sounds along with his long-time friends and new band mates The Pleasers. Hailing from Nashville, TN, JK Webb’s blend of purebred high-energy
Rock & Roll and solid songwriting leads well over The Pleaser’s reliable rhythm section stomp and swagger. The EP is being released by Nashville based label Right Nice Records.

“The “Music City” brings us yet another true straight from the heart Rock N Roll band. JK Webb brings his distinctive energetic style to The Pleasers. Their debut EP Behind the Screen Door from Right Nice Records delivers in most aspects of Rock N Roll. They can set a somber depression type mood and then crank up the energy with some faster paced tracks. Behind the Screen Door doesn’t disappoint.”


Biography – After releasing two full-length records with his band We Were The States, and building a great reputation for live performances at SXSX, JK Webb has returned to garage rock with his first EP alongside his closest friends who form “The Pleasers.” With comparisons of much of the WWTS music to bands such as The Walkmen and The Black Keys, It seems JK Webb has found his own sound away from WWTS that really is a sound all unto itself.

So from JK’s bleeding heart of rock twang and slang came a barrage of new songs and sounds. With these sounds a brotherhood was formed with “The Pleasers” and together they have written and recorded five amazing tracks for JK Webb & The Pleasers EP entitled “Behind The Screen Door.” Rock & Roll with lots of soul, and now you have yourself a garage rock EP that really does hint to something very special.

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