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Horror Business – Special Segment – Mr. Tony Holiday

Move over “Groupon”, Give me a “Ghoulpon”; 35 Misfits songs for the price of BLOOD…now that’s a stimulus package we can all enjoy.

Horror Business!!…Children in Heat!!… Horror Business!!…Children in Heat!! …Horror Business!!…Children in Heat!!…..

DO NOT BE CONFUSED….Either way you address their urgent need to demolish your fetal brain; the devil himself, in violent abduction, summoned them to display a ghoulish deed on innocent bystanders tenfold that of a garbage truck falling off the Empire State Building.
Split some wood and lick a flame for this night will be written in brimstone as one of the best Misfits tribute acts I have seen in Chicago in years. With the demise of Last Caress it was always a wonder of mine if Scotty Hostile could manage to pick up where he so prematurely left off. Truth be told, Scotty is an exact replica of the half human-half demon, Danzig himself. It is like Danzig’s DNA was stolen from some secret lair in Hell then brought back to the Arizona plains by the Astro Zombies to a discreet, yet consenting, orgy drenched in Sex, Blood and Rock’n’Roll then transported in a test tube, show to show by the backing of ghouls: Shawn Only, Michael Wolfgang Von Frankenstein and StevEvil. Splashed on stage and mix with beer then POOF! Dark and demonic magic, as it happens the voice of “Glen Danzig” with the sex appeal of Rob Lowe that is Scotty Hostile.

Now, Shawn Only and StevEvil are no amateurs to the game. In and out of numerous Chicago bands together for the last 15 years (Most notable EGNARO; Cal City Rockers).Shawn & Steve are like musical blood brothers created by some “one on one” casual demon intercourse. Now the new comer is one I have yet to see perform live; Michael Wolfgang Von Frankenstein. This kid is a beast! The conviction in his heart for the Misfits is more infectious than the maggots in the iron lung. All in the name of punk, it is great to see the younger generation into music that was written while I was still eating Lucky Charms and watching He-Man. These Angel Mutants from Mars ruled the night with seduction and unjust, ancient causes. The club itself, the Ultra Lounge was ok, I seen better places, it was your run of the mill Chicago lounge with “cheaply overpriced” beer. But do not let that fool you, the sound was effin’ great, the people were awesome and “Horror Business/ Children in Heat” were an absolute thrill to watch; from Where Eagles Dare, Horror Business, Some Kind of Hate, TV Casualty, Static Age, never-played-before Braineaters & London Dungeon…the list goes on and on…. It’s great to see some old school rockers put together such great performance of one of my favorite groups, the Misfits. I give the guys 10 out of 10 skulls…they blew my mind out of my behind.

Mr. Tony Holiday is a musician and contributor to Outside the Dial.

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