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Los Angeles-based experimental noise punks Batwings Catwings are pleased to announce their Radio 7″ to be released November 1, 2011 on Gravy Records.

The song is about trying on different versions of yourself and then realizing they’re not really you,” singer Dana Poblete says, “then you remember the things you loved as a kid – those cool radio hits – and you realize you’re still the same person you’ve always been.”

Take a Virginia Beach surf-bum, a small town Minnesotan skateboarder, a rabid Prince fan and a multi-instrumentalist wunderkind and what do you get? Inspired radio-friendly noise pop with no pretenses. In Los Angeles-a place where surfing and skating and certainly Prince are king-Batwings Catwings are right at home as a quintessentially So-Cal band of party rockers, and affixed to a music community that has spawned some of the world’s most game-changing musical acts. With some killer chops, sick hooks, and an undeniable chemistry on and off stage, this band is the new-school poster child for honest-to-goodness rock and roll.

Batwings Catwings was born at The Smell. Clay Johnson (drums/electronics) was at the famed Downtown LA venue one night, watching experimental drum band Foot Village and contemplating his musical future. In a serendipitous moment, Foot Village handed their megaphone off to Dana Poblete onstage, and without hesitation she wailed. Within seconds Johnson knew he would soon embark on a new musical era for himself. He sent her three tracks, told her to write three songs and with that, she was in.

Two of those original songs made up half of their 2011 debut EP, “Peacock Collection”, which also boasted their ultimate surf and sand anthem “Endless Summer”, inspired by the eponymous holy grail of surf films by Bruce Brown. Now Johnson and Poblete, alongside Ray Santillan III (guitar/sequencers) and Joshua Crampton (bass), write collaboratively as Batwings Catwings, with a new 7″ entitled “Radio” to set the tone for their fresh new sound. Johnson describes their songwriting as “four people painting a picture,” and as hectic as that sounds, the trust and respect they have for each other-along with their diverse influences-manifest as something authentic and dynamic.

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