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Wolfarelli October 28, 2011 No Comments on I FIGHT DRAGONS

I Fight Dragons from Chicago just released their full length effort Kaboom! on PhotoFinish Records as the heroes plan to gain more momentum from their successful run of MetroMix’s Rock n Vote. They are taking their epic 8-bit sounding journey to the Metro December 17th. Listening through these tracks you are easily brought back to the Nintendo days of high school not only by the sound, but also the nostalgic lyrics. Track by track I am reminded about cheat codes and game genies, while the almost pop hypnosis takes over, making you look for all your old game consoles. You can blow through this LP like you would an old Nintendo cartridge, but the difference is this album works every time. Although predictable in some spots, IFD has a very unique, but familiar sound mostly because you seem to think while listening to it that you beat this level before and in the midst of a up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A……you hit the reset button and start the game all over again, but this time you’re not the geek in the basement…you are inheriting the world….KABOOM!

I Fight Dragons – Kaboom

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