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Gemini Club – North Coast Music Fest

Special Segment by Grizz:

Under the banner of a clear and sunny sky on the final day of NorthCoast Music Festival, Chicago’s final summer blowout fest at Union Park, I caught up with Gemini Club. The Chicago indie electronic-dance trio consists of Tom Gavin (lead vocals), Gordon Bromli (DJ/production), and Dan Brunelle (guitar/keys), and they’re making some serious waves with their latest concoctions. The 3 members met in 2008, when Gordon had already been DJing for quite some time, and they started working together to make some new music. “Then we just tried to play everywhere we could,” Tom said. “Parties, bars, anywhere we could meet people and get the word out.”

Their sound isn’t easily categorized, but Tom described it as “electronic music framed with tight song structure, and a strong emphasis on melody. If a song doesn’t have a good melody, what’s the point?” And good melody is exactly what comes through on their tracks “Mirrors”, “Mary’s Day”, and “Ghost”, which has at least 6 remixes on soundcloud right now…including remixes by Midnight Conspiracy and Hey Champ.

Right now for Gemini Club, two albums that are on heavy rotation are Beach House’s “Teen Dream” and LCD Soundsystem’s “This Is Happening”. This is fitting, as the pair of albums combines carefully arranged melodies, traditional instrumentation, and a slew of electronics…almost exactly how Gemini Club produces their tracks. The band noted that they typically start with a synth line, chord structure, or bass line, and then Tom lays down vocals over those that really catch his ear. They continue to build from there. Gordon takes the helm during their live shows with his knowledge of sequencing and DJing, deftly blending everything together and often switching it up for different shows to keep things fresh.

For Gemini Club, and Tom in particular,”melody and vocal quality are the most important things”. Tom has always loved music, and remembers “playing the snare drum in 7th grade, playing piano with my grandpa and my whole family while growing up, and getting a guitar for my 16th birthday. I absolutely loved it and wanted to play it immediately.”

An important thing to note: the use of a computer is not a crutch for these guys, but rather an extension of their sound and their ambition. “We want to do the hard work live, “Tom said. “We want to use computers in the most risky and rewarding way possible.” Gordon uses his laptop as another instrument, one that can help to harness the chaos of multiple live and sequenced sounds and melodies and bring them into a cohesive whole. Gordon and Tom agreed that their favorite venue in Chicago is Lincoln Hall because “the space and the acoustics are amazing”. Two of their all-time favorite shows happened at Lincoln Hall, and both were sold-out events: a Delorean Nights party and a New Year’s Eve show with Flosstradamus. Judging from their recent output and packed NorthCoast show on day 2 of the festival, they just might be playing sold-out shows all over Chicago very soon. Keep your eyes out for Gemini Club, and check out their tracks at www.soundcloud.com/geminiclub.

Grizz is a music creator and producer as well as a special contributor to Outside the Dial!

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