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Can you admit it?

hirsch July 30, 2011 2 Comments on Can you admit it?

Hirsch here.

So are you one of those hipster douche bags that never missed an up and coming band. And also hate all the ex up and comers that made it big because you think they sold out?

I am here to tell you “No one cares” what you like or don’t. Let me explain. Nothing irks me more than someone who can’t admit they missed something or under estimated a band. Here’s an example, I have a friend who now HATES Radiohead but for no real reason. I think he’s is upset because in 1997 I told him OK Computer was the Dark Side of the Moon of our generation. But he paid no attention, kept listening to Pavement and missed out on one of our generation’s mind blowing artists. So now he is hating on them because he missed out on the revolution. I am TIRED of people like that. Casting judgment when they can’t admit that yes, maybe I missed something while I was tied up in Neutral Milk Hotel.

Not saying I am immune to this, I’ve done it in the past. Case in point GWAR. But please people, this is a disturbing trend in music opinion/blogosphere. Sure I didn’t like the Flaming Lips show, but look at the data and the consensus. (note – the person I mentioned in the paragraph above is not GERK).

I am not saying don’t be critical, but do your homework. MP3 downloads sometimes count on what we say out here. Our beloved/hated artists count on us to some point.

With that said, I think I missed the boat on the band Menomena

These guys are similar to the (Soft Bulletin) Flaming Lips.

I’ve added a couple tracks in Grooveshark below.

This is solely the opinion of Hirsch Cutlass and does not reflect the overall opinion of Outside the Dial.

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  1. Wolfarelli August 1, 2011 at 9:07 pm

    I’m a dirtbag that needs the phrase “selling out” redefined. I see your point here Hirsch, but in music circles being ostracized could be very damaging to your self respect. My problem is I limit myself to very specific genres. Maybe the guy didn’t like your comparison to Floyd, but you don’t want to walk away from the bar flies wondering why the hell did I just lie about hearing about or liking a band. I think it’s times like these you have to ask yourself what is music about nowadays. Is it pure enjoyment for the bar flies or is it a money machine….or both? We all know the answer and yes I still think as terrific as they are the Black Keys sell their shorts to get their music heard. Case in point…..http://outsidethedial.com/archives/693

    • hirsch August 4, 2011 at 2:21 am

      I hear ya. But I am not asking people to lie. Just be honest to yourself. If you missed it, admit it. As we know all too well, no one seems to admit missing the new great thing. OR “their first album was way better than this one”. Come on… Let’s redefine music circles. It’s not an exclusive club anymore. I don’t need to live in the city and attend shows every night to catch the newest big hitter. And those old timers thinking it is exclusive need to get over themselves.

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