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Guilty Pleasures

Wolfarelli July 15, 2011 1 Comment on Guilty Pleasures


In tribute to Ogan for taking the dive and the man that 80’s ROCK was made for….Congrats buddy!

A couple of months ago Pitch Shifter, Bo, and I along with Ogan saw a fantastic tribute band to the Rock gods of the 80’s called Hairball. Hairball is a complete package of loud and proud full throttle 80’s metal with the showmanship to match. Hairball has a rotation of front men that come out in full dress and full pipes to match whatever song they are doing. For example, if they were doing a Twisted Sister song, the front man would come out dressed like Dee and sounding like Dee. It’s quite the spectacle.

Throughout the night and the $2 High Lifes, I was kind of taken back by the crowd on hand. While taking orders to clap my hands from fake Vince Neil and almost throwing my panties to the phony Brett Michaels, I became well aware that the majority of the audience was there because they loved the music. We were there because we loved the music, but how many folks would admit that they still love this stuff? For some reason, the pleasure police patrol this genre 24/7. Embarrassment and ridicule are the penance for singing along to 25 year old rock songs and the guilty verdict always seems to fester like a bad bass solo. Remember your guilty pleasures are nothing to be ashamed of and I encourage you all to recognize and embrace all of them including the ones that will get you incarcerated. Who knows you might be sitting next to Chaka Khan or Stevie B while humming a few bars to Material Girl.

Here are a few more of my guilty pleasures…..Enjoy!



This is a given. I remember as a kid being freaked out by the album cover of Blackout by the Scorpions. Still freaked out. That’s the one where the guy with the badass mustache has two forks in his eyes. I’m not trying to make a point, just an observation. I couldn’t decide. Vinny Vincent Invasion or Hanoi Rocks….so I give you Bullet Boyz. This is one of the few genres that get a bad rap. Maybe it’s because of videos like this. You will have this song in your head for a week now…..you’re welcome.



I always wanted to pick up the air sax. It’s has to be one of the most difficult air instruments to play, but I love a good sax solo. Not the Kenny Gorelick kind, but the BluBlocker, blue blazer standing on the corner of Baker Street with your fresh perm kind. The sax player is the coolest guy in the band, but nobody wants to admit that.



Phil Collins reminds me of my dad, but less drunk. Recently King Midas decided to retire from the record industry citing that he didn’t fit in anymore. I’m not sure where this comes from since the idea of rock and roll is to damn the man and show them you deserve to be there. I’m sure you will hear his sound on the next Tarzan soundtrack and it will be spectacular. The years of hunching over a drum kit will probably leave him cripple in the next couple of years, but I dare you to show me one bad Phil Collins song…..nuff said.


90’s HIP HOP

It was hard for me to get away from the 90’s Hip Hop scene in high school since I was embedded in it like a youtube video in a blog post, but one thing you have to realize about me is I can dance. I don’t like to tell people that and it is almost embarrasing, but the whole reason I can dance is because of Bel Biv Devoe and Naughty by Nature, oh yeah and hammer. A decade of playing air drums and performing in lavishly flamboyant musicals gave me the ability to trade in my lower case “g” status to full blown Dance Commander.

I can only conclude by saying this is me. I cannot change who I am. I know I may lose or gain respect, but at the end of the line I will be traveling like a wilbury wondering who the other guitar player is in that superband…..I think he’s from YES. On that note,….be yourself…..express yourself, dance with yourself, touch yourself (I never realized how many songs were about yourself) and things will be alright.


Although it should Wolfarelli’s opinion does not represent the collective position of Outside the Dial’s guilty pleasures. What are some of you dirty little secrets?

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  1. hirsch July 23, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Agree with most of those minus the sax solo.

    Adding 2 more

    1. Barry Manilow (yes, I am a Fanilow)
    2. Meatloaf

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